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Multi-functional Rust Remover

Multi-functional Rust Remover

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Easily remove the rust with only a spray and wipe! You can see that your boat will look as good as new. 


  • Avoid Oxidation and Corrosion

Our rust remover will retain a thin waxy film that protects the surfaces of your boat from oxidation for months. Thus, it enables your boat to restore shine and prevent rust from growing again. 

  • Highly Penetration Formulas

Normally, water high against iron or other mineral content are the factors that can cause these rusty stains appearing on your boat.

  • Safety Use

It is non-corrosive, non-flammable, no fumes, and biodegradable. Thus, you can let our Boat Rust Remover do all the work for you without using any gloves, masks, or protective eyewear gear.

  • Widely Applicable

Perfectly designed for ALL kinds of boats that suffer from rust stain.


  • Net Content: 30ML/50ML/100ML/120ML
  • Package Inclusion/s:  1 bottle of Rust Remover
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